Building Consumer Literacy in Today’s Youth

The Challenge

As the use and consumption of technology increases, so have associated safety threats. Youth are now surrounded by products both old and new and are presented with an onslaught of emergent issues they must address including both immediate personal safety and long-term financial health.

The Approach

LifeSmarts is the National Consumers League’s (NCL) free, consumer education program that empowers young people across the United States with 21st Century skills. The program, celebrating their 25th year, prepares the next generation to become successful consumers in an increasingly complicated marketplace.

LifeSmarts builds consumer literacy in today’s youth by combining uniquely broad consumer content with a vocabulary-building framework. The free resources, integrated with online and live competitions, give students the opportunity to show what they have learned and how they are applying this information to daily life. In LifeSmarts, students learn about core consumer topics and develop critical thinking skills in an interdisciplinary format. LifeSmarts has a life-long impact on participants and a positive ripple effect on their families and communities.

The program has demonstrated a genuine capacity to deliver an outstanding consumer education program to American teens. NCL’s commitment to inspire younger generations to mobilize, and innovative, synergistic programs in Health and Safety, Technology, and the Environment delivers.