Evaluation Report: UL Innovative Education Award

Underwriters Laboratories and the North American Association for Environmental Education have led the UL Innovative Education Award (ULIEA) since 2015. A first-of-its-kind opportunity for nonprofits in the United States and Canada, ULIEA is designed to invest $250,000 annually in innovative programs that use the environment as a pathway to STEM learning for young people (E-STEM). Award winners also receive mentoring from UL and NAAEE, as well as the opportunity to be a part of the ULIEA network of winners. As a result of this initiative, ULIEA aims to help young people become future leaders in E-STEM fields.

In 2018, New Knowledge Organization Ltd. and Blue Lotus Consulting & Evaluation conducted an evaluation of the ULIEA initiative to describe its impacts from 2015 to 2017. From March to June 2018, we interviewed and surveyed leaders of programs that had received awards, along with short interviews of young people who participate in these programs. This report summarizes the results of the evaluation. The Executive Summary describes the most important outcomes, some of which are integrally related.