Discover E

Discover E helps unite, mobilize, and support the engineering and technology volunteer communities to increase their collaborative footprint in K-12 education and celebrate with the public as it discovers the value of engineering education and careers. DiscoverE programs provide touchpoints from pre-K into the STEM professions. Their programs and special campaigns are highly collaborative, represent the breadth of engineering, and are compelling yet simple to execute. This strategy enables organizational partners like UL to effectively engage employees as volunteers every year through DiscoverE’s programs to reach millions of students, teachers, and young adults with the message that engineers work with smart, inspiring people to invent, design, and create things that matter.

DiscoverE’s signature program—Engineers Week—is highly recognized and appreciated by educators, engineers, and engineering students supporting months of volunteer engagement. Through Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day and the Global Marathon: For, By and About Women in Engineering & Technology, DiscoverE has taken a holistic approach to the issue of girls and women entering and staying in E&T. The Future City Competition is creating new generations of engineers and informed citizens. And Global Day of the Engineer is the only event uniting the E&T community worldwide.

In 2017, UL became part of DiscoverE’s Leadership Council with the highest level of visibility in DiscoverE programs and resources, connecting to other DiscoverE partners, and influencing the future of DiscoverE programs and outreach. This cooperative network of leaders includes corporations like Bechtel, Bentley, ExxonMobil, Lockheed Martin, NCEES, Northrop Grumman, and Shell.

The Leadership Council is an ongoing executive advisory group for DiscoverE focused on advising DiscoverE on long-term vision and strategies that will serve the Leadership Council members as well as the entire engineering outreach community. This partnership allows for Shared experiences and benefits of programs to build and engage the coalition.

The potential of this collaboration is to leverage the work and knowledge of the members with DiscoverE and with one another and to deliver a more systematic approach to the issues each organization is tackling alone. These include:

* United efforts to address root cause(s) of STEM issues.

* Scaling programs/gain traction on the core issues. * Shaping DiscoverE program concepts prior to implementation.

* Access to B2B network of peers ready to help.

* Creating global connectivity in outreach.

* Measuring impact of joint efforts.

* Enhanced relationships with college students.

Together they meet a vital need: introducing students, parents, and educators to engineering, engaging them in hands-on engineering experiences, and making science and math relevant. The foundation and coalition are actively putting the E in STEM.

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