As part of the UL Not for Profit, the UL Education and Outreach team is dedicated to leading the safety, sustainability, and health-related education movement. As the definition of safety continues to evolve and expand, we look to address the most critical safety threats to the most vulnerable populations.

While leveraging the safety science and research expertise across UL, we are able to develop unique interventions, compelling content, and stakeholder engagement to further extend the UL mission and across the globe. We are focused on leading initiatives that truly inspire behavior change on a local and global scale. We believe individuals can make a difference in their lives and communities through safe behaviors, environmental stewardship, and healthy living if provided the knowledge, support, and tools necessary to achieve success.

For the past 15 years, our focus has been on delivery programming focused on the global youth population. It is our belief that children and youth have the tremendous ability not only to understand safety and environmental threats but help to develop solutions to these threats. By creating platforms to empower their ideas and voices, they can be part of the solutions as we work together to engineer and act for a safer world.

“Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.”

— Nelson Mandela

Our Focus

We look to educate children and youth focusing on the prevention of unintentional injuries caused by fire, electrical, water, environmental, character, digital threats. In addition, we recognize the need for children and youth to actively engage in civic and community stewardship initiatives, so they understand the fragile ecosystem they live in and how to help preserve and convert it to include sustainable and environmentally sound innovations. Our programs and interventions range in scale and scope looking to support safety professionals, NGOs, government agencies, educators, program leaders, academics, and education influencers. Our programs are free and look to provide high-quality valuable resources, guidance, and creative approaches to the implementation of safety education.

To date, we have reached over 1 billion children through a variety of means including digital outreach, broadcast media, in person school events, non-formal programming, contests, challenges, and train the trainer programs. Our employees alone have visited millions of children through the years with engaging safety lessons and activities. But, we don’t do it alone.

We are grateful to the many partners we work with who help to advise, collaborate, and distribute these critical resources to millions of youth and communities around the globe. We are currently engaged with over 20 organizations in over 25 countries, delivering programs in 34 languages, convening experts, and empowering transformative safety and environmental solutions. We welcome the opportunity to work with like-minded organizations that are in alignment with our goals and objectives of working for a safer, more secure, and sustainable world.

Our Future

In the words of our founder, William Henry Merrill, “know by test and state the facts”; a testament to the rigor and discipline our safety science organization recognized and respected around the globe. We look to these words as our foundation and building on the incredible expertise of our researchers and scientists as we collectively seek to enrich and expand our programs, audience, and impact. We will continue to address some of the world’s greatest safety threats and develop innovative interventions, educational materials, and outreach mechanisms to drive awareness and application focused in data science, batteries, human health, energy, cybersecurity in an ever-changing safety landscape.

We encourage you to reach out and connect, as we look to convene and empower safety leaders and organizations to work together and revolutionize safety awareness levels, engineering solutions, enforcement process, and educational systems around the globe.

Empowering young ideas and voices to create solutions together.

Our Team

Our team of passionate, smart, motivated education professionals working for a safer world. We have team members in Northbrook, IL, Denver, CO, Boston, MA and Bangalore, India working on behalf of safety, sustainability, and human health. In addition, we have hundreds of incredibly passionate UL employees and volunteers working each day to lead and deliver life changing programs to communities and populations in need.